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Great places to backpack in the Mediterranean

Want your summer holiday to be filled with sunshine and culture? Both of these objectives can be fulfilled by planning a backpacking trip to a Mediterranean country. Home to some of the best weather, beaches, and examples of ancient civilizations in the world, there is no shortage of things to see and do in these […]

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Here are Some Alternative Family Trips to Try this Summer

If you are tired of spending your family vacation waiting in queues, listening to your children whine about the queues, or doing the same boring activities, then this is the year to try something new. Do a bit of research and try something new that will revive your family vacation. Consider these alternatives. Explore Cornwall […]

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Experiencing the best of Port Aventura

Want to do more on your next trip to the south of Spain than salting your days away in a sun lounger? As an intensely popular region with foreigners and domestic travelers alike, there are plenty of excellent options if you are looking to inject some fun into your holiday. If you want to push […]

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Experiencing Valencia on the cheap

In Spain, and heading to Valencia soon, or planning your route through the Iberian country and planning to hit up this dynamic city? We know that you need to stretch your Euro to the max, so when you do end up there, be sure to build your days around these attractions that will allow you […]

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Living it up at the best pubs and nightclubs in Salou

Widely known as the biggest resort town on the Costa Dorada, Salou has long been a popular choice among backpackers looking to let their hair down. Having an assortment of pubs, sports bars and nightclubs, there is a wealth of options to choose from in this spicy destination. So if you’re looking to party, the […]

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Top backpacking countries in Europe in 2015

With spring well underway, now is the time to plan your backpacking adventure in Europe for the upcoming summer. While some countries have been overdone, many others across the continent are hotter this year, and other simply endure the test of time due to their outstanding slate of attractions. While this is all well and […]

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3 Cheap Or Free Things To Do In Madrid

While Western Europe can be a pricey place, you shouldn’t let that fact stop you from exploring major world nations such as Spain. One of the world’s biggest colonial powers in centuries past, this nation on the Iberian Peninsula has spread its culture and language across the globe, so if you’ve ever enjoyed a backpacking […]

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Taking A Backpacking Break: Decadent Things To Do In Barcelona

Often as backpackers, we take pride in stretching a dollar as far as we can without tearing it in half. If there’s a questionable rickety hostel near a bus station on a poorly lit street, we’ll strongly consider staying there. It is sacrifices like this and others that add up to extra weeks or even […]

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Alicante For The Cultural Traveler

As winter’s death grip on the Northern Hemisphere finally begins to slip away, the time for planning summer adventures to points abroad is upon us. With a summer filled with wanderings along the coastline of Spain on the brain, the gargantuan task of plotting out a tentative itinerary is a task that you need to […]

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Holidaying in Catalonia

Located in northeastern Spain, the region of Catalonia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. Offering visitors a wealth of eclectic sights and experiences, this location is ideal to suit a variety of desires and budgets. So, it is a great idea to highlight a few of the main attractions […]

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