Can you hike to the Hollywood sign

Can you hike to the Hollywood sign?

The Hollywood sign is one of the most recognizable places on Earth, it has appeared on uncountable movies, magazines and TV shows. We all saw at some point a scene of a cute couple sitting on the letters, staring down at the immense city of Los Angeles before sharing a kiss but… Is it really …

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What is the best time to vacation in Costa Rica
in South America, Travel Blog

What is the best time to vacation in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a little and beautiful place to visit, located in Central America. It’s a very small nation that has a lot going on inside. I will give you a summary of everything you should know while explaining what is the best time to vacation in Costa Rica. When I finish, you will understand …

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Tips for taking a long Road Trip
in Lifestyle, Travel Advice, Travel Blog

+7 Tips for taking a long Road Trip by Yourself

So you have decided to hit the road? Now we live in the air travel era, and there’s a good reason for that. Planes are cheap and fast. But even though the roads may be bumpy, and they may take longer to travel, there’s some magic left to be enjoyed. As to give you a …

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Can you bring a power bank on a plane
in Travel Advice, Travel Blog

Can you bring a power bank on a plane?

If you are into travel, you may or may not be that much into technology as well, but it is impossible to not acknowledge the importance of bringing your smartphone or your laptop with you on a long trip. These little accessories will allow you to enjoy your travel experience a lot more if you …

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Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail

The Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail – Ridgedale Missouri

The gorgeous Ozark Mountains, located at the crossing of the states of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, impress by their peaks over 2,500 feet, astonishing waterfalls, old rock formations, and breathtaking landscapes. But one site that stands out from the Ozarks is for sure Top of the Rock. Here you can find unique accommodations, recreation, and …

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Travelers Choice luggage

4 best Travelers Choice luggage options for your next trip

When it comes to travel, we think of many things to prepare for. But one of the most important aspects is the luggage. Immediately after we plan our travel we start to think at the most appropriate type of luggage needed to have a good trip. So that you can make an optimal choice, we …

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Bucharest City Guide
in Travel Blog, Europe

Bucharest City Guide

București. A word that’s rather impossible to pronounce in a different language because of that little comma underneath the „s”. A heritage of the Slavic – Turkish influences to the Romanian language. Luckily, there’s an English alternative to this tongue twister: Bucharest. Book’a’rest…. Like, book your rest in this capital of this country still not …

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