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A backpacker’s guide to the Mayan Riviera

Plan on jumping head long in Mexico’s most popular tourist region this winter? To help you with your plans, we have put together a backpacker’s guide to the Mayan Riviera to help you with your itinerary planning. Here’s what you can expect in this region’s three major population centres… Cancun: party central For all its […]

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Doing the Cameron Highlands on a budget

Getting sick of the heat in Southeast Asia? Unlike Latin America, there are precious few places in this region to escape it … unless you are traveling in Malaysia. The high hills of the interior of the Peninsular part of the country provide an opportunity for some badly needed relief, and if you want to […]

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Living it up at the best pubs and nightclubs in Salou

Widely known as the biggest resort town on the Costa Dorada, Salou has long been a popular choice among backpackers looking to let their hair down. Having an assortment of pubs, sports bars and nightclubs, there is a wealth of options to choose from in this spicy destination. So if you’re looking to party, the […]

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Making The Most Of A Trip Around South East Asia And Australia

Are you going on a vacation to the “Land Down Under” and South East Asia? Then, you sure are in for a lovely treat. From the visually appealing fabled temples of Cambodia to the dazzling diverse landscapes of Australia, the Asia-Pacific region is blessed with a marvelous array of archaeological sites and natural treasures that […]

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Taking A Backpacking Break: Decadent Things To Do In Barcelona

Often as backpackers, we take pride in stretching a dollar as far as we can without tearing it in half. If there’s a questionable rickety hostel near a bus station on a poorly lit street, we’ll strongly consider staying there. It is sacrifices like this and others that add up to extra weeks or even […]

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Malta – Your Mediterranean Backpacking Destination With More

Everyone has heard of Mallorca, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily. But there’s another, oft-overlooked island in the Mediterranean. One so small that it goes by unnoticed on your average globe or map. The tiny island nation I’m speaking of is Malta, which is actually comprised of three separate islands, one smaller than the next. With only […]

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Kos (Greece) Covered In Five Easy Steps

After a memorable trip through the Greek islands last year, you have been quite eager to repeat the effort this summer, as there are thousands of islands just begging to be conquered by your footsteps. With the bargain holidays in Greece offered by travel companies like COSMOS making getting there and back a cinch, the […]

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The Budget Traveler’s Guide To Crete

As the summer season begins to loom on the horizon, the time to begin planning your summer travel hijinks is nigh. With Greece squarely in your sights in order get in a good spot of carefree island hopping, you already have plans for the smaller ones. But Crete stands out among the smaller fragments in […]

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5 Great Bars in Cancun, Mexico

Whether you are consumed with projects at the new job you just started out at after college, or you are currently swamped in your books busily studying, one event in the near future is keeping you going in these bleak early days of winter: Spring.  Freakin’.  Break! This year, you and friends are invading Cancun […]

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