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Spend just a little bit more: how not being a cheapskate can elevate your travels

Photo by: HOSTELMANAGEMENT.COM Ever wonder how your travels could be transformed if you stopped being so cheap? If you choose to spend just a little bit more on your next trip, you’ll be surprised how your experienced will be further enriched by letting a few more Benjamins elude your grasp. Let’s look at a few examples […]

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Best cheap eats in Kuala Lumpur

While many skip Malaysia out of a mistaken belief that costs here are way too high to make it a budget travel destination, those that have gone anyway have found a nation overflowing in food that is as delicious as it is affordable. Backpacking in Kuala Lumpur is an endeavor that rewards those that enjoy […]

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A Backpacker’s Guide to Puerto Rico

Heading to America’s biggest Caribbean possession this spring? Be in the know regarding the best that this island has to offer by checking out this brief backpacker’s guide to Puerto Rico. From where to stay, to what drink best defines this paradise, we cover all the bases below. There is lots to see and do […]

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3 Cheap Or Free Things To Do In Madrid

While Western Europe can be a pricey place, you shouldn’t let that fact stop you from exploring major world nations such as Spain. One of the world’s biggest colonial powers in centuries past, this nation on the Iberian Peninsula has spread its culture and language across the globe, so if you’ve ever enjoyed a backpacking […]

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Why Dubai is One the Best Tourist Spots for Food Lovers

Dubai has earned the reputation as the place to go for luxurious accommodation, superb shopping, and some of best beaches on the planet. It is also a paradise for foodies due to the impressive range of Dubai restaurants capable of providing a range of fine dining experience involving local and international cuisine – not to […]

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Experiencing Barbados On A Budget

The Caribbean is a celebrated destination in the travel media, as its tropical latitude combines with pure white sands, unreal blue waters that feel more like those of a bathtub than that of an ocean. Unfortunately, many of these destinations aren’t exactly affordable for the budget-minded backpacker. While price points tend to be high for […]

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Seeing Durban, South Africa on a Budget

Even though South Africa is considered to be a developed country (the only one on the entire African continent), it is by far one of the cheapest first world nations on Earth. With a low cost of living relative to richer nations, and most other currencies in the world enjoying a favourable exchange rate to […]

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Discovering the good old US of A!

If you ask most people where they dream of visiting in their lives, at least half will mention one or several American destinations. If you ask a child, they will more than likely mention Florida and Disney World!It’s not surprising then that more and more US destinations are becoming accessible, thanks to falling flight prices, […]

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5 Foods to Try in Thailand

Eating while you’re traveling in Thailand doesn’t have to be restricted to just consuming Eastern versions of tried and true Western dishes. In fact, the cuisine of Thailand is home to countless delicious and incredible dishes that serve as paragons of Thailand’s home cuisine. In Thailand, the main aspect of its cooking focuses on the […]

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