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Thai island hopping in the Andaman Sea

Looking to do a spot of Thai island hopping in the Andaman Sea soon? These pearls will give you a trip that will save a special place in your heart for the nation of Thailand until the day you die…

1) Ko Lipe

While the popularity of this island has definitely increased over the past five years or so, Koh Lipe is definitely more chilled out that what you can find anywhere on Phuket or on the Gulf Islands.

Dazzling white sand brought the first enthusiastic backpackers out here, and now there are accommodation options for all budgets available on this gem far out in the Andaman Sea.

Those seeking ultra-cheap beach huts will be disappointed here, but if you are looking for killer flashpacker digs with a food scene that can’t be beat, Ko Lipe is where you’ll want to go.

2) Ko Adang

Within sight of Ko Lipe’s northern coast are the mountains of its much bigger brother, Ko Adang. For those jaded by the over development present on Ko Lipe, Ko Adang is the antidote that you’ll be desperately seeking after spending a couple of days on the former isle.

Coated in unmolested old-growth jungle, the waterfalls, coral reefs, and trails of Adang will thrill those seeking the ecological paradise that Lipe once was, while spartan bungalows and campsites will allow you to get into touch with what it truly means to be a backpacker.

3) Ko Bulon Lae

Seeking a Thai island with an authentic community of sea gypsies, a people that has long lived nomadically along the coasts of Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia?

You’ll find them on Ko Bulon Lae in the kind of rural setting that many daydream about when planning their travels back home. Here, evening life revolves around the generator, enabling a few hours of light for the locals and just enough power to charge your smartphone.

Despite being a hard place to lead a 21st century connected life, this place has been forgotten by mass tourism despite being a stunning specimen among the many stunning specimens of the Andaman Sea.

As such, expect to pay no more than 500 baht a day to live here (accommodation, food and extra-curriculars).

4) Ko Libong

Want to visit an island that is home to the endangered dugong? This gentle creature is considered to be a close cousin of the manatee, and they can be found with regularity in the calm waters around Ko Libong.

Those looking to make a cultural connection will be pleased with this place here as well, as Southern Thai Muslim villagers go about their life here in a manner that is largely undisturbed by mass tourism, making a refreshing place to spend a week.