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Travelling With High Cholesterol – Things To Consider

Travelling with high cholesterol can be a scary prospect, and it doesn’t help that insurance companies are quick to charge you more or refuse insurance for this existing health condition. As unpleasant as it can be, it is not impossible to travel comfortably if you have high cholesterol, and you can certainly go about your life and your travels by doing a few simple things.

All you need to do to ensure you stay safe when you are travelling with high cholesterol is to make sure that you plan ahead, and cover everything that needs to be covered before you leave. Find the right travel insurance well before you go, remember to pack any medication you require and follow these few simple steps:

Pack Snacks 

However you are travelling, be it by plane, by train or by car, you need to ensure that you pack your own snacks. As much as it can seem like the start of your holiday by starting the journey with a snack on your chosen mode of transport, trains, planes, and service stations are well known for only offering incredibly unhealthy food which will have a detrimental effect on you for your journey.

Pack your own low cholesterol foods like granola bars, fruit and vegetables. Make sure you look up how these need to be stored on your chosen mode of transport when you travel so that you do not get them confiscated at any check points.

Carry Water 

If you are travelling by aeroplane or train, there should be staff that you can ask if you need water. This however, isn’t something that people with high cholesterol should leave to chance. While airlines are obligated to offer you free water, trains are a bit hit and miss. It is much easier to carry your own, as then you do not incur a limit on how much you can have. Most airports will only let you buy water after security, but most train stations will let you take whatever you need to on the train.

If you are travelling by car, it is even more important to pack a large amount of water. Not only is this easier to store in a car, but you can also put it in the boot or under seats to stop it being exposed to the sun and becoming warm. The chances are if you are going a bit off the beaten track, you will not encounter services or a shop for a while, so packing your own is the best thing to do.

Book Self-Catering 

In larger cities, it can be easy to find food that suits all of your needs. Especially now so many people are vegan or have allergies that require them to eat certain things. There are a lot of places abroad, however, that are slightly behind the curve.

It can be incredibly difficult to find a restaurant in small rural areas that caters for someone who needs a low cholesterol meal, and even more difficult to communicate this without it getting lost in translation. If you book self-catering, you have the option to go out if you can find somewhere, but also all of the tools to cook yourself something healthy if you need to.