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Top Tips For First Time Travellers In India

India is one of the world’s top cultural destinations, and every year millions of singletons, friends and families jet out to this vast country to explore some of the most amazing natural attractions on the planet. From huge open deserts to tropical rainforests and vibrant cities, India is home to over one billion people, and has introduced the world to culinary delights as well as fantastic music and great movies. If you’re thinking about travelling to India this year, and it is your first time in the country, then here are some tips to help you make your holiday the most enjoyable it can be.

Choosing Your Route
If you think India is a big country then think again, because it is absolutely huge! In order to fit in everything you want to see on your holiday, you’re going to have to be strict with your travel plans, which means organising your route beforehand. Think about where you are, what’s near to you and how long it will take you to get there. If you’re travelling with your children, you have to take into account food and toilet breaks. Even if you’re touring India on your own, being strict with your route will allow you to experience more of this amazing country, as it is very easy to become lazy in such a huge expanse.

Take It All In
Once you have your route planned out and you’re on your way, be sure to take your time with the marvellous attractions you come across. Although the cities are fast-paced and vibrant, the national monuments are very peaceful places, so join in with the crowds and take a breather one in a while. It is also extremely hot and humid in India, so it is best to avoid strenuous activity.

Avoid the Crowds
India is a truly beautiful country, and there are plenty of less crowded places to visit instead of opting for the tourist hubs. An obvious way to avoid the deluge of people is by travelling outside of the school holidays, it’s also an easy way to cut the costs on your travel expenses. If you have a guide on your trip, then ask them to show you some alternative attractions, which will probably take you out into the suburbs or countryside. Online comparison services can come in extremely useful in regards to planning flights like this. This is not to say that the most well-known attractions are worth passing up, but just bear in mind that the crowds at these places will be massive, and getting to see a single palace or structure could take hours.

Keeping Healthy
As mentioned before, India is a very hot country, so you must always carry around a few bottles of water in your backpack. The tap water isn’t clean, and you will most likely end up with severe stomach cramps if you do drink some, including ice in drinks. From your hotel to the restaurants, always drink bottled water. When it comes to Indian food, I’m sure you’ll agree that it offers some of the best dishes in the world. However it is also important to vary your diet over there, which means food other than rice and chicken! Be sure to get your portions of fruit and vegetables, and if you’re ever in doubt about where to eat, just look for the place packed with the most locals – they’re always a dead cert to have good food.