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Tips for Backpacking in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country with many beaches and landmarks to look at. For some it is their dream to be able to backpack their way through the country and getting the full experience of what Australia has to offer. This dream might seem outside of most people’s budgets, but with a little creative spending you will be able to backpack across Australia.

When you are traveling to Australia is it is very important that you bring enough cash with you in case of a problem or unexpected fees. The immigration sites recommend you take along AUD 5,000, but there are several backpackers that will tell you this might not be enough if you are planning on staying in Sydney or Melbourne, as these cities are some of the most costly cities in the world. If you feel uncomfortable carrying that much cash with you, you can always open or transfer your money to an Australian bank account. This will save you almost 50 dollars each time you need to use an ATM. The fees are so much, for each transaction, because each country will charge you for using the ATM.

Your living accommodations will take up a good portion of your money. To try and save your cash for fun activities and transportation to and from the beautiful attractions you can stay in hostels. To save even more you can purchase a 25 dollar yearly fee for a hostel membership. This membership will help you save a few dollars each night you stay in a hostel. Regardless of your budget you’ll be able reasonably priced backpacking accommodation in Australia.

Another great way to save money when backpacking across Australia is, take the bus. Taxies are very expensive and you will be able to purchase a one way ticket for the starting price of a cab. If you are interested in seeing the sites find the bus schedule and use it to your advantage. A little known fact to remember is; taxies in Australia charge more for their services after 10 pm.

When you are backpacking across Australia you are going to want to take a look at some of the bigger attractions, but if you visit some of the more obscure places you can find that you will be able to look at a view of the ocean with very few people. You will not have to fight the crowds and you will be able to view the country in peace.