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Strenuous Treks In Tenerife

As a young traveler who has never met an outdoor jaunt you didn’t like, you always look for places to explore the wilds in whatever destination to which you travel.  The jungles of Thailand, the heights of the Canadian Rockies … these places and others each hold their own unique charms, telling their stories through the contours of their landscapes and the animals and plants that call these unique ecosystems home.

Recently, you booked Tenerife holidays for you and your best buddies, with much the same in mind. Being the product of volcanic activity that formed the rest of the Canary Islands millions of years ago, there are many tall peaks, rugged coastlines, and surreal environs to explore throughout this subtropical paradise.

Depending on how much time you have to explore Tenerife though, you may only have time for a select amount of treks.  In this article, we will narrow down your options to the few trails that we believe are worth your time on a short holiday…

1) Mount Teide

Taking on the tallest mountain on Tenerife can be super easy if you’re willing to flash the cash for a cable car ride up to the summit at 3,718 metres above sea level (the highest point in Spain) … but where’s the fun in that? Taking the bus up to the Mount Teide trailhead (get off between the cable car base and the national park visitor centre), follow it through the rolling high terrain, admiring the rare sight of wildflowers amidst the mostly barren volcanic landscape.

Along the way, you may notice huevos de Teide, or “Tiede’s Eggs”, which are rocks have have been blasted out of Tiede’s caldera in previous eruptions.  The trail eventually snakes up the side of the mountain to the summit, but beware of snowy/icy conditions and altitude sickness, as both can befall unwary climbers.

2) Masca Gorge

From the cosy village of Masca, a gorge with steep rock walls descends dramatically towards the ocean, which makes for an incredible terminus to this worthwhile day hike. The basalt walls are coated in greenery from tropical rainfalls, and a bay with crystalline waters at the coast makes for an ideal conclusion to this strenuous effort.

3) Rambla de Castro    

Those looking for an action-packed coastal stroll will find the Rambla de Castro trek a highly worthwhile endeavour, as the many banana plantations, classic haciendas that used to house the families that owned them, and the Fort of San Fernando all combine to make this jaunt very intriguing!

Get to Know Tenerife’s Natural Side

By taking to the hills, cliffs, and coastlines of Tenerife, you not only get to find beauty on this island that most tourists miss, but you also get a sense of why native Tenerifians are so proud of their home.  While all-night clubs and lazy days on the beach are all well and good, they don’t have the awe-inspiring impact that the vistas in the above mentioned trails have at their respective climaxes!