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How to inject some excitement into your travels

Has the same ‘ole vacation started to go stale on you? If time away from home isn’t re-invigorating your spirit like it used to, its time to find ways to inject some excitement into your travels. Below, we’ll share a few of our favourite suggestions.

1) Participate in adrenaline sports and activities

There is nothing that will make your travels more exciting than finding activities that will fill your veins with adrenaline.

If you are in the mountains, spending a day riding some class IV rapids, climbing a mountain, or canyoning through a gorge will get you up close and personal with the epic scenery surrounding you.

In a tropical beach destination? Descend into the watery depths located just off-shore, or ride the giant swells that roll on-shore, and you’ll have more remember about your trip there than the time you spent sipping banana shakes in your sun lounger.

Visiting a city? Gathering your friends for an afternoon of paintball or an evening spent trying to get out of an escape room is a great way to add some excitement to a weekend away.

2) Visit some world-class and lesser-known natural attractions

This planet is home to some truly spectacular natural sights. Wherever you are headed, chances are good that there are some amazing attractions nearby.

The Canadian Rockies. El Nido in the Philippines. Patagonia. All these places have attracted a lot of buzz, and for good reason.

Even if you are nowhere near these blockbuster attractions, there are many great spots that locals know about.

For example, Torontonians love to head to places like Muskoka, Wasaga Beach and Prince Edward County on weekends – follow the locals and you’ll find some special spots that the international travel media knows nothing about.

3) Book a ticket to a truly exotic destination

There are few things that can make travel exciting again quite like booking tickets to a travel destination that is outside your comfort zone.

Never left your home continent? Book a ticket to Thailand.

Been around the block a few times? Plunge head first into a place like Papua New Guinea or Guyana.

The wi-fi might not be consistent, and you might have to go without a hot shower for a while, but you’ll come home with an experience that will change how you view the world, and you’ll have stories galore to tell your future kids/nephews/nieces/partners.