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Discovering Australia on a Road Trip

The ardent and passionate traveler knows that Australia is full of surprises in every nook and corner. There are scores of cities, remote locales and then there is the outback but Australia is one rare country in the world that has such a diversity of natural landscape, topography, wildlife and serenely mesmerizing locales that you cannot possibly presume what you might encounter.

Gliding through the skies to a modern airport and exploring the central business districts of major capital cities is something that everyone does but if you wish to explore Australia in its truest and opulent wonders then you must hop on a road trip. While the concept of road trip may not have originated in the land down under, the idea of backpacking has certainly had its biggest contributions from the Aussies and from people all over the world who have either made Australia their home or have tried to explore a slice of the wonderland.

There are dozens of routes that you can take on a road trip in Australia. Every state has at least five odd road trip routes that are extremely popular and not just among locals or nationals but for international tourists as well. You can take the Great Ocean Road and explore fascinating locales while speeding past the Twelve Apostles or you can take the Pacific Highway or the Sydney Newcastle Freeway and explore the east coast in its finest spirits.

The Gold Coast Highway can take you all the way from Brisbane up to Rockhampton and you can keep going further north along the shoreline of the Great Barrier Reef and if you were to explore the valleys in South Australia then a road trip is what would suit you the best. Whether you start from Perth and take the coastal highway all the way to Broome or you intend to dine a few kilometers from Ayers Rock in Northern Territory, take a car, turn on the GPS and take on the finest roads any country can offer you.

A road trip in Australia makes sense from economic perspective as well. You are going to save a lot of money on traveling and the country has a culture of world class motels and bed & breakfasts along almost every major route. The hospitality standard is immaculate in Australia and even a single star motel would completely satiate you with its quality.

If you go on one road trip in Australia, your urge to keep planning such tours will never cease in your entire lifetime. There are many ways to organize the transportation and no shortage of RVs for sale in Australia. Another popular method is buying a car and selling it at the end or renting a car for shorter trips, particularly those returning to the same airport to avoid extra fees.