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Benefits of Learning Languages While Traveling

People always have and always will travel for many different reasons. There are countless things in this world that are worth doing if one has the desire and determination to make it happen. You can hike a thousand waterfalls or visit a hundred countries but nothing will change your life like learning just one more language. This is especially true for those of you who are considering to learn English as it is without a doubt the international language similar to how $US is the international

I’m lucky when it comes to international travel as my mother tongue is actually English. That said I do know how to speak French as well and have found it incredibly valuable many times. Here is a small list of random benefits of speaking another language.

1) Secret Language – If you feel you’re being conned or want to really discuss something, if you have another language you can do that without worrying that others hear you. I do this often with French when visiting parts of Asia or C. America.

2) Better Connection – When you speak a local language or one that is spoken locally, you get a better connection with the people who live there. You immerse yourself deeper in the cultural sense and actually have meaningful conversations with interesting people.

3) Better Prices – When you can speak a language the seller knows, your bargaining power just went through the roof as it’s not pointing and smiling but an actual conversation on the topic.

4) Makes You Look Smart – Knowing another language has always been something many wish to achieve. It makes you look intelligent and worldly if you can speak another language which leads us to our next point…

5) Languages are Sexy – It’s sexy to speak another language and makes you mysterious and worldly. It’s also a great way to be able to communicate with more men or women from around the world.

The list could go on forever but we will end it right there. There are countless benefits to knowing another language and if your goal is to learn English, you have to go for it. Many English speakers learn other languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German and the list goes on… If English isn’t your native tongue and you wish to travel, meet lots of new people or even do business on an international scale, English is a must!

Happy language learning and safe travels!