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Backpacker favorites in India

Does your round the world itinerary include a stop in South Asia? These backpacker favorites in India will make sure that your trip to the Indian Subcontinent is an exciting one.

1) The backwaters of Kerala

Much of India has urbanized over the past few generations, a fact that has contributed to this country’s dusty and chaotic reputation.

If you long for the rural jungle villages described in the writings of Rudyard Kipling, then renting a houseboat and setting out into the Backwaters of Kerala will help you find the version of this country that you have always envisioned.

While there are a few hints that modern technology has reached even these parts (i.e. satellite dishes hanging off houses), most of what you’ll see is delightfully quaint.

From innocent children greeting you like a superstar to clothes being washed by the side of the river, you’ll have plenty to be inspired by here.

2) The desert state of Rajasthan

Just another of the countless environments that the Indian Subcontinent that will astound you and your traveling companions, Rajasthan comprises more than 10% of the country, most of which is the desolate yet stunningly beautiful Thar desert.

In the midst of this parched landscape are a number of ancient cities whose architecture will not fail to astound you. Jaipur and Udaipur are the primary draws, as attractions like the Water Palace in the former and the City Palace in the latter will make your journey out there worth on its own merits.

When you aren’t sightseeing in the cities, be sure to take a desert safari via camel, as the evening skies outside town are something you’ll never forget.

3) The spiritual city of Varanasi

Hinduism is a religious tradition that was born in India, and it is in Varanasi where some of its holiest rites are carried out.

In this lively place, the dead are burnt on top of ghats by the side of the River Ganges, and their ashes are scattered atop the flowing waters, thereby carrying their souls to paradise.
Being the oldest continually inhabited city on the planet, the history practically oozes from the walls; any fan of culture cannot miss this place.

4) The beach paradise of Goa

Has the hectic pace of travel in India got you stressed out? When you reach your wit’s end, all you need to do is book a ticket to Goa state. Here some of the finest beaches in the country can be found, allowing to relax in relative peace.