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Are you ADDICTED to Travel!?

The world is filled with countries that have a lot to offer. Spawning from the beautiful scenery, cultures and the animals found globally, it is virtually impossible for anyone to travel to all the countries, and marvel at all the different things that the world has to offer. Some people really love to travel.

Travelling is fun but to some people it is like a disease. Travelling in this situation refers to using any of the modes of transport that can get you from one place to another. These include cars, planes, trains and ships. There are several sure ways that you can use to determine if you have the disease.

The first and sure sign is if everything around you makes you want to travel. If you read a book and the idea that gets in your mind is travelling, when you watch a film, the scenes and locations make you want to book a flight and if listening to music makes you want to pack a bag and get on the road, then it is proof that you have a travelling problem.

People work for different reasons. This could be to provide for food, shelter and clothing or even to get money for entertainment. If a big chunk of your paycheck goes towards financing trips each and every time, then you are addicted.

There are multiple ways that people have fun. It could be engaging in hobbies such as reading books or going to the cinema. If you are very fond of exploring and this is when you are at your happiest then that means that you could be stating an addiction to it.

If on your way home from one trip, you are already planning on going on another, then that means that it has become the most important thing that you want to do hence that is why you look forward to it too much. So important that you’re even having an issue enjoying the moment, busy planning your next big move!

If you cannot remain at one place for a long time and you always feel the urge to travel to somewhere else then the same thing applies. This means that being at home to you feels like you are on vacation. When you are at home you constantly fantasize about travelling and you are always looking for new places to go to and you even book a trip to another destination. This is a sign of being addicted to life on the road but is that really a bad thing!?