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3 Cambodian Islands That Should Be On Your Radar

Today, the modern world is very trying on even the most laid back people.  In a hyper-connected world where there is intense pressure to keep up to date on everything thing going on, whether it be our bosses trying to send us work after hours, or social engagements that we just “have” to attend, it can be easy to get stressed out.  On your travels, it’s even tougher, as you move about every few days, more people want you to keep in touch for their peace of mind and the internet can tend to be stubbornly slow. At some point, you just need to quit it all, or you’ll allow the expectations of the world to come crashing down upon you.  Fortunately, the islands off the coast of Cambodia are here to help you with that.  They are considerably underdeveloped compared to their cousins in Thailand, meaning minimal internet connection, and in many cases, none at all.  Electricity is very limited too, with only generator power available from dusk to late in the evening at best. Your digital detox also comes with some of the most gorgeous tropical beach paradise surroundings in the world: let’s see how the following three islands will help you forget about your e-mail inbox… 1) Koh Rong – Boasting perfect white sand in the truest sense of the word, aqua green water that will have your friends claiming you’ve photoshopped the image, and resorts with some of the best beach resort food you’ve ever had, Koh Rong is quite possibly the ultimate deserted island getaway.  Tour miles and miles of deserted beach without meeting a soul, go diving and snorkeling, and go hiking through the jungle to a placid waterfall that will have you pinching yourself. Hurry though, before the Chinese company that owns the entire island develops the place to its liking! 2) Koh Ta Kiev – Passed up by many travelers due to its undeserved reputation as a resort island in the making, it is close to the mainland for those in a rush.  Graced with golden sand beaches, it is perfect for soaking your cares away in the hot tropical sun.  Also, its inner jungle contains many different types of wildlife and plants, including pitcher plants that consume insects for its nutrition, and 100 different species of bird. The waters off the coast also hold mussels that opportunistic snorkelers can harvest for a tasty snack onshore! 3) Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island) – Off the coast from the town of Kep (which is an hour up the coast from Sihanoukville, the jumping off point for the previous two islands) via a 30 minute ferry ride, Rabbit Island is the forgotten island in the frenzy over Cambodia’s tropical island assets. This island is largely undeveloped and wild, except for the one village where all the bungalow resorts are. The food served by the families owning the bungalow resorts is quite fresh, as crabs caught the same day are the specialty on many menus. These are just a few of the islands that await you off the coast of Cambodia.  Take a few weeks to island hop with your backpacking buddies and you may never return to modern civilization again!