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Virginia Beach: Waiting for the Surfing Championships

At the end of August every year, thousands of surfers and spectators head for Virginia Beach for an extraordinary surfing competition. The East Coast Surfing Championships attract leading amateur surfers, aiming to win titles and a significant amount of prize money.

In recent years, professional surfers have also started to attend an event that continues to grow. It seems hard to believe that it all started out back in 1962, when a few teenagers decided to hold a beach party here.

The city of Virginia Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean and relies heavily on the tourist trade. Visitors from all across the United States and the world are drawn to this beautiful stretch of coastline. As might be expected, they are welcomed by hoteliers and restaurant owners.

The pleasure beach here is reckoned to be the longest in the world and it comes as no surprise to find that those teenagers thought that Virginia Beach would be the perfect place to hold a party. This is a city that is clearly built for fun.

The arrival of the East Coast Surfing Championships takes that atmosphere of fun to a whole new level. Although it’s true that many spectators make their way to the Championships in order to see a wonderful exhibition of surfing, this barely begins to describe the entertainment that is on offer.

As the event has expanded over the years, volleyball and skateboarding competitions have been added, as well as the Beach Bum Classic, which provides a novel twist on the idea of hosting a triathlon. During the course of the Championships, there’s a vibrancy that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Away from the water, the event organisers appreciate the need to keep all visitors entertained. Films are shown on big screens and live music is provided on a stage that is set up on the seafront, especially for the occasion. As a visitor, you’re able to watch every single event and activity free of charge. There is, of course, a small charge for those looking to participate in the competitions.

As you might expect, accommodation does tend to get booked up early. Some estimates have suggested that around 100,000 spectators attend the Championships and many seek to secure hotel rooms that are close to the beach.

If you’re struggling to find accommodation, or simply would like to find a hotel that requires a smaller budget, then you may want to look at options a little further from the ocean. The public transport system here is good and you’ll also discover that, even if you stay a couple of blocks back from the beach, all of the main events can actually be reached on foot.

For those looking to really keep costs down, there is also the option of camping, rather than paying for a hotel room. With almost 2,000 camp sites in the area surrounding Virginia Beach, there’s no shortage of options.

If you’re looking to stay in the area before, or after, the Championships take place, you’ll find that there are plenty of other sources of entertainment. In particular, this area of the US contains some of the country’s finest golf courses.

A number of tour operators offer cruises, allowing you to see dolphins and whales. There’s also the popular Virginia Aquarium, which contains numerous species of fish and sea creatures.

If you’re intending on driving to the event, then you’ll be pleased to hear that car hire in America is competitively priced, allowing you to take a flexible approach.

The organisers of the East Coast Surfing Championships encourage drivers to park up on the edge of Virginia Beach and then cycle to the beach area. This Park and Cycle scheme is particularly popular and seems to add to the atmosphere of the entire event. There’s a feeling that everyone is involved in what’s taking place.

With access to a hire car, you’ll be able to combine your visit to Virginia Beach with seeing nearby places of interest. The cities of Hampton, Norfolk and Suffolk are all within easy reach, with each having plenty to offer.

When you plan your next visit to the United States, make sure that you don’t forget to make time to see the city of Virginia Beach.