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Travel Tips for a Summer in Europe

With so much to see and do in Europe over the summer thinking of plans, and formulating the best method of affording the entire trip is as complicated as it is exciting. The best plan is decide on ways to keep costs at a minimum even as you add to the list of experiences you wished to have in this part of the world.

This is more than a march through historic sites or seeing the inside of travel hotels for many visitors. This is an opportunity to soak up the culture they’ve read about or dreamed of visiting after watching movies and films. This type of trip often has the most value for the traveler, but visiting France and England in the summer months especially will take a big chunk out of the vacation budget of most people. Prague, Copenhagen, and Istanbul are also pricy flights, and stays.

Look for the best deals on flights alone and compare these with deals that incorporate the price of your stay. Often paying both these costs together is the less expensive alternative. Also consider the flight and accommodations near enough to your true destinations to see these by car or bus, but are off the beaten path. This will allow for a little of your budget to go for other expenses such as food and shopping. There are many ways to save a few dollars on accommodations if you’re traveling with a group compared to a solo travel experience which also has it’s own set of perks.

Look for in-city based tours. You can book tours for your summer in Europe that can get help you with the problems of travel and navigation to places you want to see. For example if you want to see Vatican City booking a tour can get you an inside view visitors aren’t granted unless they are with a specific tour group. In London where there’s so much to see you can book a fast tour of the city giving you a complete view of this historic town, and use this experience to orientate yourself. Once you know the city better you can return to those spots you most one to see and visit at a more leisurely pace.

Experienced travelers know that collecting chase rewards with chase freedom brings their vacations that much closer. You’d be earning rewards on money you’d be spending anyways and can trade the reward points in for car rentals, hotels and flights on major airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Airways, Singapore Air and others. A few changes to how you pay for things can bring these dream trips into your life that much sooner. There is so much to see on summer trips in Europe renting a vehicle and seeing it at your own pace is the best way to view the culture and historic sites you want to experience.