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Sights to See in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia is a city cloaked in mystique and intrigue.  From the days when it was ruled by czars, to the period of time where it was the standard bearer of the Communist revolution in the world, to the present day, where it still occupies a central place in world affairs, it makes for a place where there is no shortage of things to see or do.

While you may not be able to track down Edward Snowden, there are still many attractions that will captivate you and flying to Moscow is easy with flights from around the world; for more details click here.  Here is a selection of the things you should definitely check out when in Moscow, Russia:

1) Red Square – Commonly confused for the Kremlin, Red Square contains a number of sightseeing highlights that your family would expect to see upon returning home.  The onion-bulbed domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral is one such photo opportunity.  Along with that church, Kazan Cathedral is also quite stunning and should certainly be checked out.  However, you must not leave Red Square without looking at the preserved remains of Russia’s most significant political leader of the last century, Lenin.  Embalmed and lying in state inside the mausoleum bearing his name, this is the man who gave rise of one of the world’s great political experiments.  Whether you admire, loathe, or couldn’t care less about him, it’s still worth seeing for the significant role he played in Russian and global history.

2) The State Alexander Pushkin Museum – This museum celebrates one of Russia’s most internationally famous poets and intellectuals, Alexander Pushkin. If you are a literary type, this museum should not be missed when you are in Moscow.  The halls of this building contain artifacts from the poet’s life, as well as the drawings that accompanied the verses he penned.  The museum hosts “Pushkin evenings” from time to time, with professional actors giving a dramatic reading of some of his most famous poems.

3) GUM and TSUM Malls – Got money to burn?  Or do you just enjoy window shopping for luxury items that cost more than a monthly mortgage payment?  Then a quick stroll across from Red Square will land you in the midst of some of the highest end shops you’ll see on this side of Europe.  Walk amongst Russia’s elite and imagine how they live, while you secretly pray that some lonely wealthy Russian bachelor/bachelorette proposes that you go somewhere else for a cup of coffee so that you can get to know each other better.  If only!

This is just a sliver of the many things you can do in Moscow, Russia.  What do you do after you do the above?  Go get some borscht, and order a few vodka on the rocks, while you relive the rewarding day you spent sightseeing in Moscow, Russia!