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Introduction to the Thai Islands

The islands surrounding Thailand are just about innumerable in nature. They’re all mostly situated within the Gulf of Siam and the nearby Andaman Sea. Although these islands are assessable from the mainland’s coastal region, the central portion of the Gulf contains little islands, remaining as a portion of the surrounding waters mostly barren in nature.

Introduction to the Islands

Many of these islands are uninhabited. Several clusters of islands, however, have been developed into places capable of sustaining both residents and tourists. As an example, the island group of Phang Nga bay hosts over 60 individual islands. The National Parks Tarutao and Mu Ko Ang both host over 45 islands a piece. These clusters of islands attract thousands of tourists each season and perhaps millions throughout each year.

What do these islands in Thailand have to offer? For one, the Islands host many different sightseeing and recreations activities for tourists to check out on their vacations. In fact, if you’re already planning a trip or have a slight interest in visiting the Islands, here are a couple of anecdotes about a couple of Islands of interest.

The Islands

Koh Lanta resides close to the province of Phuket. Although the land shares similar elements with the island province, it’s less populated and more serene in nature. This allows people and tourists to enjoy a more quieter environment—one that’s a favorite vacation spot.

The Long Beach is a beautiful beach on Koh Lanta. It consists of a long strip of a coastline ‘furnished’ with fleecy sands surrounded by deep waters. The sheer serenity of the place makes it a wonderful place to lie back and relax. You’re probably going to want to visit during the summer season, when the best of Long Beach thrives—since Koh Lanta is oft closed during its off season to visitors.

Koh Lipe is much tinier than the aforementioned Koh Lanta, but it’s the perfect place for travelers desiring a quiet place to relax and forget about the world around them. It’s a remote island, meaning that it’s pretty much isolated from the surrounding province. There’s no traffic and very little transportation options disturb the peace enjoyed within the island. Encompassing Koh Lipe is calmer, shallower waters, making it ideal for swimming trips.

You’ll find Koh Lipe in the Andaman of Thailand, west from Koh Lanta. Although remote, it’s been experiencing a bit of a popularity spurt in recent years, causing an overall improvement in the islands infrastructure.

Koh Phi Phi is also an Andaman bound island, nearby Phuket. This island happened to be caught in the cross hairs of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. It has, thankfully, recovered with an even more bustling tourist scene.

Koh Phi Phi is full of green jungle scenery and even more vibrant beaches. It’s also popular spot for nightlife, particularly for those looking for a bustling night scene on a budget.

The last of the popular Thai Islands in this piece, Koh Tao lies on the east coast, where it used to be a bustling home to the scuba diving and backpacking scene. Nowadays, it’s a tourist destination that rivals some of the larger islands.

Like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao is a popular spot for night and party life. Many travelers on a budget make a beeline for this place, since they won’t spend too much while vacationing here.

If you don’t live for the night life, there’s still plenty left over from the diving scene. If you’re an avid diver, you can actually get certified by the local Professional Association of Diving Instructors. For non-avid diver, there’s many snorkel trips that go out to the island’s many reefs.


The Thai Islands are naturally a place of interest for many tourists across the world. In fact, the Thai Islands are considered some of the more inexpensive places to vacation, making it even easier to stay in that beach front Phuket hotel you’ve been checking out online.. There are also countless affordable flights direct to Thailand from all over the world. If you want to travel on a budget in another exotic country, you should consider traveling to the Thai Islands