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Guadeloupe, The Bahamas and Martinique: Caribbean Paradises

The Caribbean is synonymous with the concept of paradise in most of our minds. The entire region is home to outstanding beauty, spectacular fresh food and some of the most rich and colourful culture in the entire world.

While it’s hard to put a foot wrong when visiting the Caribbean, there are a few destinations which stand out for being particularly stunning. Here, we take a closer look at three of the premier Caribbean holiday destinations: Guadeloupe, the Bahamas and Martinique.


Guadeloupe’s nickname ‘The Butterfly Island’ gets things off to a promising start. The island’s natural beauty comes as standard, but it is in the detail that Guadeloupe really begins to stand out and earn its reputation as one of the Caribbean’s finest resorts. Whether you’re after action or relaxation, Guadeloupe is a spectacular choice for a luxury 5* break with Club Med.

The trade winds keep the warm climate in check and create the perfect conditions for fantastic water sports. This has made the island a hotspot for wind and kite surfing, but on calmer days, visitors can choose to hire a small boat and explore the island’s varied selection of ocean wildlife.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas are one of the most well-known destinations in the Caribbean, acquiring a worldwide reputation as one of the world’s elite holiday regions. As an archipelago, the Bahamas present visitors with a superb opportunity for a bit of island hopping. What could make for a more relaxing day out than exploring some of the world’s best beaches in your own boat?

Part of what makes the Bahamas such a popular luxury destination is the ease with which visitors can get on with the locals. English is the first language of the region and the locals are generally extremely welcoming to tourists. The locals’ friendly nature is reflected in their arts and most recognisably, in their music.


The island of Martinique is known primarily for its water sports, but doubles up wonderfully as a destination for a luxury getaway. The combination of rainforest and black sand give the island’s beautiful beaches a unique feel, which feels like true exotic paradise. Travelling inland from the gorgeous white sands allows you to discover the mountains and the dynamic landscape provides a home for some fascinating wildlife.

If the world class water sports academy on Martinique isn’t enough to keep you entertained throughout your stay, consider visiting Gorges de la Falaise – a beautiful canyon, some parts of which are accessible only via a quick swim.

The French influence reaches not only the language but the food. This makes for a change from the usual Caribbean cuisine, though visitors can still expect to find many of the same wonderfully fresh fruit and vegetables found elsewhere in the region.