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3 Things to Consider When Riding ATV’s in the Desert

Riding an ATV in the Desert is one of those things you’d enjoy especially if you’re into rugged surfaces that will surely test your ATV’s limits. ATV’s or All-Terrain Vehicles are motor like vehicles with four wheels that are equipped with parts that make them perfect for riding and being on surfaces that might be difficult for other vehicles. Now with that in mind, if you do own an ATV, surely you’d want to test it out on surfaces like snow, dirt, mud, or even sand. Different deserts have different compositions of sand ranging from deserts completely filled with sand or just a little amount.

The composition or amount of sand can surely change the experience since sand can shift if weight is on it. The best way to optimize your ATV for a good experience while in the Desert is to upgrade its parts directly with KTM 390 parts since the better the quality of the parts, the better off you’ll be riding an ATV. Other than that, here are a few other things you should consider while riding ATV’s in the desert.


Yes, safety always comes first when it comes to riding an ATV not only in the desert but anywhere and any kind of terrain. Different kind of terrain may bring about different types of dangers and hazard and the best way to deal with these things is to familiarize yourself with what to do in these types of situations. For instance, being in the desert can bring the risk of dehydration so it’s good to always bring adequate amount of fluids. The sand in the desert can also be blown by the wind which makes it an even more important thing to bring in safety goggles. Have fun but always be safe.

ATV Parts

ATV’s are known as All-terrain vehicles but not all ATV’s are built to be used on special conditions. What does this mean exactly? A stock ATV will perform on rough conditions but it won’t perform as much as you’d want it to on extreme conditions like snow often found in Canada and of course sand found in most desert locations. So it’s best to look for parts suited for your terrain which in this case is sand.

Know your course

Getting lost in the desert is a big possibility if you aren’t familiar towards where you’re path should be. Deserts with tons of sand are the places you’d most likely get lost. It’s a good idea to map your path the day before the actual ride or if you’re riding with friends or people you know, it’s best to be with someone who knows the area. Getting lost is very scary since the terrain is hazardous and might pose threats like dehydration. It’s also not a joke since there are desserts that span very largely that it might take time to find you if you get lost.

All in all, riding an ATV in the desert is a truly memorable experience whether it’s in your back yard or the deserts of Dubai. It’s fun with friends or even just fellow ATV riders as well, keep in mind that when in the desert, being there for a prolonged time while being lost is very dangerous. Don’t let this scare you from riding ATV’s since you’ll have fun as long as you keep these things in mind.