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You’re a student, a little short on cash at the moment, or you just think that travel is more authentic when it is done on a shoestring.  However, when you look for resources online or at the travel agent’s office, all you see is the corporate travel industry at work.

They try to sell you these big, overpriced packages, focused around all-inclusive resorts.  They assume all you want to do is to sit your butt down on a beach lounger all day, every day and get wasted, and then head over to the buffet and eat yourself into a food coma.  They think nobody normal travels more than two weeks per year, and meeting the locals?  That sounds a little scary.  And dangerous. Better to stick to interacting with the ones that are paid to serve your sunburnt body drinks and food.

Of course, you know that this is NOT true.  It just becomes a problem when you look around for trip planning information.  The information sources for budget travellers tend to be scattered at best, and if you rely on user-updated sites, the accuracy of the information in question is always up for debate.

At The Lost Backpack, we are committed to providing you with itinerary planning guides to destinations around the globe, with the aim of stretching your paper-thin budget to the limit.  Southeast Asia, Central America, Europe … wherever you’re headed, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, we also regularly publish tips articles to help you with the day to day rigours of navigating life on the road when adhering to a budget.  How do you save money to go on a trip when you barely make above minimum wage?  How do you link up with like-minded travellers when travelling long-term?  What kinds of budget traveller types can you expect to run into in the hostel common room?  We’ve got it all here on The Lost Backpack!

Talk to us: our lines of communication are always open.  Hit us up on our contact page, or link up with us on Facebook or Twitter.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

We hope your trip leads you to amazing places: to do so, always remain in the spirit of the backpacker, and incredible things will happen!


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