Top Travel Apps Infographic

Today we have a great infographic which will explain some of the best apps to use for traveling. Technology has changed the way we live and with a little knowledge, you can use apps such as those stated below to really increase your travel experience as well.

There are countless apps out there to help make your travel experience more seamless but below are some of the top ones. Personally, I’ve used a few but I will mention that the Lifeproof case is a real lifesaver and if you are hanging out in humid climates or near the sea, it’s a must have to protect your smartphone. Let’s be real, without it you’re in trouble and theĀ  rest of the apps wont’ matter, right?

Do you use any of these apps? Any others you’d like to add that aren’t mentioned?

Top Travel Tech

Discover the essential travel apps and gadgets for 2013 that will help you get the most from your holiday! Infographic by Villa Plus


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