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Making The Most Of A Trip Around South East Asia And Australia

Are you going on a vacation to the “Land Down Under” and South East Asia? Then, you sure are in for a lovely treat. From the visually appealing fabled temples of Cambodia to the dazzling diverse landscapes of Australia, the Asia-Pacific region is blessed with a marvelous array of archaeological sites and natural treasures that [...]

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Malta – Your Mediterranean Backpacking Destination With More

Everyone has heard of Mallorca, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily. But there’s another, oft-overlooked island in the Mediterranean. One so small that it goes by unnoticed on your average globe or map. The tiny island nation I’m speaking of is Malta, which is actually comprised of three separate islands, one smaller than the next. With only [...]

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Kos (Greece) Covered In Five Easy Steps

After a memorable trip through the Greek islands last year, you have been quite eager to repeat the effort this summer, as there are thousands of islands just begging to be conquered by your footsteps. With the bargain holidays in Greece offered by travel companies like COSMOS making getting there and back a cinch, the [...]

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