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A Few Reasons to Explore Backpacking

Backpacking is an old practice. Some experts would go onto claim that backpacking is the oldest modes of traveling or going on a holiday. While that may be true, backpacking in modern times is also extremely common and advisable. As people start to have families and get bestowed with the mundane chores of professional and […]

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3 Spectacular Cities to Visit in Spain

Spain has so many different sides to it. Whether you head to mainland Spain or one of its islands, you will find each area has its own special character. Most people head to the beach in Spain, but it has some amazing cities. Perhaps the most attractive Spanish city for many tourists is Barcelona. This […]

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Taking an Island Road Trip in Palma, Majorca

If you’re planning a trip to the scenic island of Majorca, there are lots of things to see and do outside of Palma, its major city, but you can only see these sites if you have access to a car. From majestic mountain hikes to family entertainment and beyond, you’ll discover that Majorca has so […]

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Get Away With These Short Irish Breaks

If you’re looking for an affordable holiday to get away from your daily grind, look no further than your own backyard. There are a wide variety of fabulous options to be had right here in Ireland. Whether you’re looking to relax in a romantic bed and breakfast, or if you’d rather explore the countryside with […]

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How to Spend a Day In Rome, Italy

Nothing could possibly be more glorious than spending a day in a city that you have been dreaming of for most of your life. Rome is that city. The history is rich and surrounds you on every street corner. From the moment that you set foot in the city, you’ll know that you have entered […]

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Are you ADDICTED to Travel!?

  The world is filled with countries that have a lot to offer. Spawning from the beautiful scenery, cultures and the animals found globally, it is virtually impossible for anyone to travel to all the countries, and marvel at all the different things that the world has to offer. Some people really love to travel. […]

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Christmas Treats in London, England

A low-down on markets, pop-ups and exciting events programmed for this festive period in the capital As October draws to a close and we can safely say that the nights are most definitely drawing in, thoughts inevitably turn to Christmas – the one shining (very shiny!) beacon of holiday mirth in what is often a […]

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Benefits of Learning Languages While Traveling

People always have and always will travel for many different reasons. There are countless things in this world that are worth doing if one has the desire and determination to make it happen. You can hike a thousand waterfalls or visit a hundred countries but nothing will change your life like learning just one more […]

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The Best of Beaches in Thailand

The stressful environment characteristic of today’s urban living calls for a short holiday with family and friends. The truth is that going for a beach holiday is among the best ways you could spend your free time or time off of work. Not to mention, it offers a platform for bonding between friends, family or […]

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5 Great Places To Go Skiing In Canada

Canada is home to some of the finest and most adventurous ski towns in the world. An amazingly intriguing aspect about places to go skiing in Canada is that some of the smaller hills and slopes also offer a breathtaking experience. While skiing may be conventionally associated with great altitude and long slopes, some smaller […]

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